Monday, July 11, 2016

Liked Sultan? Watch Saala Khadoos Instead!

A film that propagates patriarchy like none other; that stars a 'human' who has been speaking rubbish since the very start of the decade; a movie that we all went to watch, irrespective of what our leanings are: SULTAN.

Nobody really went to watch the brilliant storyline of Sultan, we knew what we were going for. But what really hurt me and made me regret my decision was Anushka Sharma. I still remember the gusto with which she had brought her production, NH8 to the box office. Her interviews included issues ranging from women empowerment to equality of pay and opportunity between actors to how she does films which promote women’s cause.

To be honest, I went to watch Sultan with my family but was looking forward to Anushka’s character, Aarfa. And she really enthralled me with her attitude and determination for her passion for wrestling when she declined Salman Khan’s character Sultan’s love. Her sportsman spirit to question and attack the notions regarding women being incapable of being successful sportspersons, moved me. However, I was aghast when I sat witness to a scene where the same Aarfa at a later juncture, gives away her dream of winning at the Olympics because she gets pregnant. And guess what, even her father, who had trained her, questions her and blames her for the “accidental pregnancy” to which Aarfa looks at a jubilant Sultan and says, “What bigger dream can there be than this?”

Are you serious?

Now, when I brought this topic before my colleagues and Salman Khan Fans who also happen to be my friends, their reactions swivelled from “Why are you delving so deep into this, focus on the story of Sultan” to “Women do this all the time” and also “What did you expect her to do? Abort the child?”

Tough questions, tougher challenges of introspection and about the role of women in our lives. My judgement hardly matters, Sultan is probably going to be one of the biggest hits of 2016. But I will still say that Saala Khadoos was a much better, cleaner and deeper take on the field of sports, sportsmanship and role of women.

Par kya kare, Baby ko Bass pasand hai!

Friday, September 25, 2015

Are you still there, Ma?

The shiuli laden stems

Softly knock at my window

Leaves and petals alike

Cast their shadows against the morning sunlight.


Of flowers and sunlit mist

Interfere into my dreams

I question them even in sleep

Why o why do you come to me?

And without an answer, she begins to leave,

That's when I sniff within her last embrace

I hold her wrist, Wait!

She's gone, gone by then.


Ma, are you still there?

One Rank, One Pension (OROP), What's your problem, Chetan?

Chetan v/s Bhaavna
Head v/s heart
Disagreeable v/s lovely
Govt v/s Veterans
And the subject becomes a personal war with two authors ....

This is what we saw trending today on Twitter and views still remain polarized on #OROP.

Many who participated in the war didn't even know the actual full form of #OROP and as they say little knowledge is dangerous.

According to Bhaavna Arora (author of Mistress of Honour and the deliberate Sinner), it is dangerous to the National Security of India for which she gives an excellent explanation in her blog
But on the other side Chetan Bhagat terms it as a burden on the Government.
National Security and National administration are two different terms and need to be understood in detail for the well being of a nation.
While Bhaavna is a fourth generation Army kid who may have all her heart with OROP, she gives quite valid reasons for OROP to be implemented.
She gives away her royalties from all her heart for #OROP where Chetan Bhagat must be counting every single paisa of his earnings from that article.
Soldier of Today is a veteran of tomorrow and so is Chetan Bhagat's father, who according to some sources openly announced at Jantar Mantar that his son has faltered. In such a situation doesn't he need to apologize to the veterans of the country?

Monday, April 20, 2015

Artist Aloud Music Awards 2015: Hungama Maangta Hai!

Music they say transcends beyond boundaries, compartments and horizons. India is renowned worldwide not only for the diversity in its languages, customs and cultures but also the immense plethora of talent you’ll find in India. And not just in its roots, but Indians have performed exemplarily in the various forms of associations and fusions too.

In order to celebrate this community especially the independent and underground artists, initiated the Artist Aloud Music Awards in 2010. Interestingly, it is an online voting forum where listeners can log in and then listen to their favourite artists as well as explore new artists not only Indian but artists from the global platform.

This year will see the fourth edition of the Artist Aloud Music Awards sponsored by Hungama and public voting is on till the 6th of May, 2015 respectively at the website itself. It is interesting to see the likes of popular artists such as Shreya Ghoshal, Shankar Mahadevan, Honey Singh and Raghav Sachar alongside superbly talented artists.

There are various genres of music such as Pop, Rock, Fusion and Global Music. Further, there are various sub-categories for each such as Best Song, Best Female artist, Best Male artist and Best Group respectively. 

In the Pop category, my favourite artists are Shankar Mahadevan, Raghav Sachar, Sayani Palit, Bharat Leppard, Itida, Ninad Mulaokar,  Ranajoy and Soulsmiths. You’ll be amused to note, television actors like Rajev Paul and Veena Malik have also been nominated in the categories.

In the Rock category, I liked Wine Stains ( love the name as well as the name of their song, Kiss My Ass and say Goodbye :P ), John Mpamei, Sheldon Pereira and Parikrama among others.

Fusion is my most favourite category and I personally feel that fusion represents talent in the most extraordinaire manner. Shruti Pathak, Viraj Bahri, Lalitya Munshaw, Rimita (love the folk fusion) are some awesome artists in this category. The semi-classical and South Indian tracks are quite transient too! The international artists have conjured up some interesting fusion tracks too! Do have a look for sure!

Last but not the least is the Global music. The mixes and globalised conceptions are out of this world! Tagore Trance, Helge Krabye, Abiogenesis, Ed Degenario, Utsav Dan and Topshe are some of my favorites from this category!

Call me biased but I am suppressing this proud smile of witnessing such awesome Bengali music being created and felicitated.  I am one of those few people who manage to hum along music and one of the rare Bengalis who isn’t trained in music but have a knack for music.

I think Artist Aloud is a wonderful platform. I wish more and more people listen to these amazing artists! I have voted for my favourite artists. Hop in to now and vote!

 May the best rhythm win and let music take over! Make music quit war!